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Volunteering and internships in Africa

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Welcome to Doingoood!

Doingoood is an organisation that provides services to people who want to volunteer or do their internships at projects in Africa.

Our current focus is on projects in east Africa in Uganda, Kenya and Malawi. At these destinations, we have our own operation with our own Doingoood staff on the ground.

We are committed to making an impact into local communities. Our coordinator manages our good, personal relations with all local charitable projects and supervises the programs in which volunteers and interns participate.

Doingoood is operating under the highest possible standards. We acknowledge and have implemented the Guidelines for international volunteering. And we are committed to contribute to marginalized communities through exchange of knowledge and offering community based tourism initiatives.

Becoming a Doingoood partner

We receive many requests for partnerships from projects in Africa. When opportunities to add new partners to our network arise, we will personally meet with the Project management to gain full understanding of the objectives and activities of the project.

We work with small, local partners whose projects have the objective to support people into a self sustainable future.

All the mentioned services are completely free of charge for the projects.

Projects will be considered for partnership if they meet the conditions as described in our General Terms & Conditions for Partners. Should you wish to receive a copy of the T&C please write an e-mail to

Our services to projects:

Provision of volunteers and interns that match the local culture and the requirements of the work. All applicants are screened through a meeting with a Doingoood representative and they provide us with a ‘certificate of good conduct’.

We provide a complete schedule with names, intake forms and arrival dates of volunteers and interns, so partners can prepare themselves for the arrival of the person.

The Doingoood co-ordinator will introduce the volunteer/ intern to the project/ project leader on the first day and will be the contact person for their time, in case of practical questions (aside from the work), evaluations and unexpected circumstances.
 However the project leader remains responsible for the introduction and explanation about the volunteers/ interns duties and responsibilities.

We will make an effort to encourage (candidate) volunteers/ interns to raise additional funds for the partner’s wish list. Doingoood foundation provides promotional materials to volunteers/ interns in order for them to effectively raise additional funds.

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